We recognize that teachers are lifelong learners. To help their students succeed, they continuously seek to augment their toolbox of skills. According to a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the ideal professional development experience should possess a variety of attributes  in order to be successfully implemented in day-to-day teaching. Professional development should be relevant, interactive, delivered by someone who understands the teacher experience, and most importantly sustained over time.

We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with Dr. Marian Small. Through this partnership, Dr. Small has created a number of exclusive videos to demonstrate how to use her Rich Tasks contained in Mathletics. The videos are self-paced, highly engaging and informative; delivered through Marian’s unique, unforgettable style! They are intended for your professional development, ready to use at your convenience. Topics include developing multiplicative thinking in elementary students and detailed lesson plans, which provide the opportunity for continuous implementation. They can be found with the Interactive Activities in the eBook section of Mathletics.

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Check out some of the new Professional Development videos that have been recently created:

  • Four times as big (grade 2) for
  • Wrapping a prism (grade 6)
  • Leftovers (grade 4)

Dr. Marian Small is a leading Canadian mathematics educator, author, educational researcher and former dean of the education faculty at the University of New Brunswick. She has been a classroom teacher and professor for over 30 years and provides teachers with content knowledge and specific strategies needed to differentiate instruction for student success. Click here to watch the Dr. Marian Small introduction video.

At 3P Learning, we recognize the need for meaningful professional development. We invite you to book us for your next professional development days! Please contact us to find out how to take advantage of the opportunities available in your province.

Professional development in your province

Did you know that some Canadian provincial governments support teachers in maintaining their standards of excellence? Click on a province below to find out about some of the funding available for professional development.




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