Whether we like it or not, computers will continue to become even more prevalent in both work and our daily lives. This is why it is important to teach our kids the skills necessary to prepare them for what the future has in store from an early age.

Although increased technology skills may be the prime motivator in wanting to teach kids how to use a computer, research suggests that it can also enhance social and cognitive development (Bullard, 2014).

So where do you start when you want to teach your preps computer fundamentals? Mathletics might just be the answer.

  • The Basics

    Let’s start at the very beginning – turning the computer on and off. Are your preps constantly asking if they can use the computer to logon to Mathletics? Well, teach them where the ON button is so they can turn the computer on themselves and start learning! Once they have finished their activities let them know how to safely turn off the computer.

    Here’s a quick tip: Add a Mathletics shortcut to your desktop for easy location and less distraction from other web pages.

    The next vital computer skill for your preps is mouse control. By accessing Mathletics and its subsequent activities, preps are able to explore how the mouse works, which side of the mouse to use for clicking and what happens when you click a particular place.

  • Drag and Drop

    Now that your preps have great mouse control they can move on to some more difficult tasks such as dragging and dropping.

    Many activities within Mathletics, such as Rainforest Maths, offer a drag and drop function where the student must manoeuvre an object to a target by clicking on it, holding and dragging.

    Larger objects will be easier to manoeuvre, whereas smaller objects will be more difficult.

  • Keyboard Skills

    Don’t worry, preps aren’t going to have correct keyboard hand placement straight away, but with Mathletics they will be able explore the layout of the keyboard to discover where the letters, numbers, space bar and return keys are.

  • Keyboard Accuracy

    After mastering the basics of the keyboard your preps can start to increase their speed and accuracy by venturing into the world of Live Mathletics. Have your students race against classmates or students on the other side of the world to increase their maths fluency.

  • Concept Search

    It is safe to say that throughout their academic and personal lives students will have to do a great deal of research. The concept search function within Mathletics is a great way to get preps familiar with the idea of searching for items.

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