Hi, my name is Remi Long and I am the official Queensland ambassador for the 2015 World Education Games.

WEG-Ambassador-RemiLI am extremely excited for the games as it presents me with a great opportunity to share with others my love of learning. It enables me to improve skills such as confidence, encouragement and support towards others.

To promote the World Education Games within my community, I have sent out a letter to all of the schools on the Gold Coast that have a connection with either Mathletics, Spellodrome or Intoscience to invite them to participate. I intend to tour around a variety of schools in my area and motivate them to take part in this event.

To further the students’ knowledge about this development throughout my school, a meeting was called where I informed the girls in Years 4-6 about WEG, it’s sponsors, my adventures in Sydney and meeting the other ambassadors, later that day I spoke to the girls in Prep-Year 3 about it.

I am looking forward to seeing the activity shown by the participants as the practise period starts and the games begin.

Go team Queensland!