Around a century ago, a man called Edward Thorndike described three basic laws of learning: readiness, exercise and effect.  Thorndike was a celebrated psychologist who spent much of his life studying and documenting the complex process of learning.

In recent years three additional laws have been added: primacy, intensity and recency.  These six key words help us understand how people learn and the conditions that promote learning.

Perhaps best understood as an interconnected learning loop, where the success of all key elements impact the overall success. Readiness refers to motivation, where enthusiasm and a keen interest are drivers of this notion.  A student who is excited and engaged is more open to initiating learning, more likely to enjoy the process, will retain the knowledge for longer and is more likely to re-engage and approach a similar learning activity.  Learning that is presented in an attractive manner promotes initial interest and retains engagement.

Exercise in its raw sense refers to “doing”.  This is where students undertake activities or tasks themselves, to gather information from the experience in a number of different ways.  It could be the point where they interact with various tools (experiment) using their newly acquired skills/learnings or they have their knowledge tested using appropriate questions.  The effect or feedback that they receive around this process is vital to the learning cycle.

This is where the concept of intensity (otherwise known as “engagement”) becomes particularly important.  Constructive, nurturing and informative guidance breeds positivity and students are more inclined to remember their learnings, apply these appropriately and re-engage in future tasks with a positive mindset.

Re-engagement breeds practice… and we’ve all heard that saying: “Practice makes perfect”.  Granted, perfection is a subjective term.  In essence, we are passionate about each student becoming the best that they can be.

We are confident that IntoScience can help this happen.  Fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum we embrace the concept of immersive, interactive and inquiry based learning with passion.  Students are taken on a 3D virtual adventure, involving experiments and live quizzes.  Tablet mobility and extensive teacher resources mean that learning can happen anywhere, easier!

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“IntoScience is very popular with our students… they really love challenging each other in the 3rd degree game and many have worked their way through the classification topic, which we have just finished. Their results on the classification test (just done) are ridiculously high!”
Lanna Derry, Tintern Schools, VIC