The Playroom is an interactive area where students listen to sounds and work on matching and dress up activities.

It is made up of 7 sections with over 120 activities – let’s check it out:


The Alphabet Chart: This section is focused on letter recognition and letter association, using four activities per letter to consolidate student understanding. This includes a book featuring letter specific objects with an audio accompaniment, a matching game, an interactive letter selection game using a series of trains with letters on them, and a ‘jumping game’ where students select the correct letter in order to move the character from one spot to the next.

My Wall: This section of the Playroom is where student can unleash their creativity through designing their own caricatures, and designing their own room through selecting various objects and pictures. All designs can be printed off and kept as mementos!

A Paint Easel:  This section provides students with four options to write, draw, paint or colour in. The Pencil option provides students with the opportunity to practice writing letters, whereas the Paint Brush and Paint Pot options allow students to trace and colour in a variety of fun images. Finally, the Stamping area offers students a selection of different stamps which they can use to create a picture.

A Play Mat: This section hosts four fun games which each have a particular objective such as catching the bouncing teddy on the trampoline, bursting as many balloons as you can, or trying to get balls to bounce through a particular exit point. The final activity requires students to recognise the letters in a given word and find the matching blocks to spell out that word.

A Play Kitchen: Students can unleash their inner chef and create meals such as stews, pizza, fruit salad and ice cream. Students select the ingredients they wish to use and can print off their designed meal when they are done. 

The Puzzle Table:  The puzzle table offers four activities with varying levels of difficulty from multi-piece puzzles to matching the two halves of animal bodies and matching the correct shape onto a puzzle board. There is also a matching memory game comprising of eight cards which must be matched before they disappear.

Music Mat: This section contains four activities which are all musically focused, such as the drum kit activity which students can control to create different tunes, an interactive keyboard activity which changes pitch depending on the picture selected, a sound activity matching animal sounds with the animal, and finally a matching game where students are required to copy a musical sequence.

Craft Table:  The craft table is another opportunity for students to be creative and design their own picture, bead strand, play dough model or entire scene (Spooky Forest, Snowy Train or Fairy Garden).

The Stand: This is the dress up corner where students are provided with two male and two female options to dress their character up in.

A book shelf: The book shelf contains 20 different nursery rhymes that each have audio accompaniments which are sung out to students upon selection.

The Animal Corner: This section contains four games where students are required to match up animals with their correct animal noises and match up the correct body parts of different animals.

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