Mathletics-iMac-LiveImproving the speed and accuracy of a student’s mental computational skills has a positive impact across all Mathematics learning.  Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Mathletics has heard of Live Mathletics.  Students are drawn into the opportunity to safely test their skills against others from around the world.  Frequent repetition and the rewarding of personal bests, results in improvement in students’ speed and accuracy.

In your Teacher Console check Reports to see your students’ achievements.

Did you know that schools are using Mathletics to explicitly teach Mental Computation skills?  These schools teach the students one method and have the students compete in Live Mathletics using only that method before exposing them to another method.  This format is continued until students have experience with a range of mental strategies.

Live Mathletics - Fluency

But what if I need them to focus on their core work?  Here is a simple method to ensure students stay focused on curriculum content throughout the lesson.

Have a computer opened to your Mathletics Teacher Console and enter the Results areaAssign the activities you want the students to do (4-6 activities works well).  If you set too few, students may complete work too soon and go off task.  Too many and students are likely to become disheartened by what they perceive as work overload.   (You can always add activities as students complete them.)

Leave your computer open at the Results page and every time you walk by your computer click on Update Results.  If you see a number of low results rapidly appear for a student, there is a chance the student is attempting to skip through activities to play Live Mathletics.

Reassign the activities, and a few more, perhaps even the full 10 activities, so there is no chance the student can skip through all the activities before you can return again to your computer.  Then either have a quiet word with the student, to ensure they are aware you know what they are up to, or my favourite, continue to reassign the same activities until the child realises later in the lesson he/she is the only person NOT playing Live and that you are fully monitoring what he/she is doing.

Remember:  New questions are generated every time a student enters an activity, so don’t hesitate to reassign tasks.

Taking it one step further:  If a child continues to skip work every lesson, then Set minimum levels in Results and restrict the student to higher levels.  If students only want to play Live Mathletics, ensure they find something to challenge them when they get there!