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Reading Eggs Placement Tests

The Placement Tests within Reading Eggs are used to gauge student skill level and reading ability. The results obtained from the tests are used to automatically assign each student to the appropriate level of the Reading Eggs program.

How do I set a Placement Test?

Reading Eggs

When students log on to Reading Eggs  for the first time they are presented with this screen:

Login Screen

If you would like your students to take the placement test the first time they use their login, you don’t need to set anything, just direct them to the option “Do the Reading Test”. If you prefer your students to skip the Placement Test and begin at Lesson 1 click “Don’t do the Reading Test” option.

The Reading Eggs placement test  consists of 60 questions that place children into the correct part of the Reading Eggs program. The test contains 5 questions that relate to each map. Below is a table showing where the children’s results place them. When a child gets 3 answers incorrect they are placed at the map those questions relate to.

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4

Map 5

Map 6

Map 7

Map 8

Map 9

Map 10

Map 11

Map 12


10 correct

15 correct

20 correct

25 correct

30 correct

35 correct

40 correct

45 correct

50 correct

55 correct

60 correct


Reading Eggspress

On the first visit to the Comprehension Gym, students will be asked to complete a placement test.

Eggspress login

The Reading Eggspress Placement test consists of 20 questions,  when a child gets 3 answers incorrect they will automatically be assigned to the appropriate level within the Comprehension Gym and will be placed on either lesson 2.1; 3.1; 4.1; 5.1; or 6.1.

You can reset the placement test for students at any time through Student Progress*. Once you have selected the student(s) that you would like to redo the test you can select Change Progress from above the student list and then select the Reset Placement Test option.

*You will see that there are 2 Student Progress options on your menu bar, one is for Reading Eggs where you can reset the Placement Test for Reading, Writing or Clinker Castle; the second one is for Reading Eggspress where you can reset the Placement Test for Comprehension. Please ensure that you select the correct program option before resetting the test.

After the Placement Test has been completed you will see which level your students have been placed in Student Stats under the Initial column.

You can also use Manage Progress to change a student’s lesson level.

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