Last week our MD Tim Power shared his perspective on the PISA results and what the opportunities are for Australian education.

StudentSir Michael Barber, UK education advisor and author – in an opinion piece on tesconnect, draws his own powerful conclusions from last week’s PISA results and lists 5 specific lessons for reform which he believes applies  to everybody in education, not simply schools or system leaders.  Sir Michael’s common sense views are summarised below and you can read the entire piece Key lessons from today’s Pisa results. Number one: ‘Talent is a myth’.

Talent is a myth. A strong cultural commitment to education and the rewarding of effort in equal measure in order to reverse the notion that you have to be born smart to succeed.

Focus on teaching and learning. Education leaders and policy makers must spend time inside the classroom to understand the daily experience of teaching and learning.

With clarity he lists specific lessons about the nature and content of reform –

  1. Provide autonomy and accountability simultaneously.
  2. Invest in teachers
  3. Put every student on the agenda – work from both ends of the performance spectrum.
  4. Pre-school works.
  5. Persist.

Can the Australian education system make their move back to the top?