Brendan Spillane asks how to bring artistry to your performance

Brendan SpillaneWhether you are leading, a school, a class or simply trying to lead a life of purpose and contribution – the fluid complexity of our times poses significant challenge. Setting yourself in balanced response to this challenge is critical because everything depends on how you are.

High-performing individuals and teams are distinguished by the ability to meet their professional challenges with skill and artistry. Put simply, they know what matters and they get what matters done.

But the cost of high performance in one critical arena is too often a dereliction in another. Many professionals feel increasingly outpaced by the demands of their work. When professional expectation acts as the consistent adversary of personal balance, something has to give.

“What percentage of your time would you say is spent performing highly and what percentage is spent just grinding the work out, staying on top of demands, getting through the day, the week? Is this ideal for you?”

Brendan Spillane, a passionate capacity builder, an advocate for developing thoughtful and responsible leaders and a leader in high performance mindset will be provoking open dialogue that is wise, generative and practical at the Love Learning Conference in 2015.

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