What do Pens, books, lunch, bus passes and so on have in common? They are all school tools that are found in an everyday child’s backpack. The backpack literally carries your children’s education and is a key tool in your child’s schooling life. When purchasing a bag for the new school year, a lot of different options of size, price, colour and animated characters can be chosen. Let us take the weight off your shoulders (see what I did there) and provide some helpful tips when purchasing a new bag for the coming school year.

Big isn’t always better

When bag shopping, it can be easy to choose the bag that can fit the most school supplies, but your child isn’t going camping. Part of the reason your child is provided with things like semester sheets and lockers, is to aid in directing the workload your child carries around during a day of school. Planning the books and equipment brought based on the day’s activities and knowing where their locker is and what to store, alleviates the need to of your child to fit their bedroom in their bag. Be aware of the size of your child, as buying bags that are proportionately fitting will prevent back and posture problems.

Inspector gadget   

Some bags have an endless array of pockets, water bottle accessories, climbing clamps, mp3 slots and other bells and whistles. Variety is great, but all these features aren’t necessary. Bags with a lot of side pocketing and dangled sections leave your child vulnerable to losing items through the general shaking and movement that occurs in their normal day. When purchasing a bag, keep it simple. Find bags with enclosed pocketing, Velcro overlapping bags are good security for younger children and bags that contain two or three enclosed sections are great for older children to sort and organize their school supplies. Your child doesn’t need the Swiss army knife of back packs, they just need a secure and space – friendly means of carrying what they need for where they need to be.


The school bag for the next year will become an extension of your child. With this in mind personalising the bag to reflect your child’s interests is a great way to put a stamp on your child’s property. Placing name and contact information tags on bags is a good starting point. Nothing says this is my bag better than having a tag that literally says this is my bag. Purchase bags with characters or funky designs that your child has interest in. As your child becomes more and more settled into school, people will become familiar with their interests and appearance. Therefore having a bag that reflects those interests and appearances provides their school a natural calling card for when your child loses their bag or needs to locate it amongst a sea of identical bags. Make your child a peacock in a chicken farm.

Once your child has a safe, simple and special mode of equipment transport and once the methods of two shoulder straps at a time and heavy stuff at the back of the bag and light stuff in the front are reinforced, your child will be stocked and ready for whatever the coming school year throws at them.