Welcoming Penelope Power from Albury Public School in NSW

Penelope Power_picWe are very excited to welcome Penelope Power as a new graduate of Mathletics Certification, having recently achieved her Lead Educator status recently.

Penelope is passionate about empowering learners by helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and curiosity.  Currently, Penelope teaches Year 5 students at Albury PS and brings 23 years of teaching experience to her role.

She’s driven by a desire to make learning interesting, useful and enjoyable for her students saying her goal is for her students to achieve to their fullest potential.

As an educator, she acknowledges that developing the skills necessary for 21st Century learning would be one of the top trends emerging that will impact students over the next five years.

As a Mathletics Lead Educator, she looks forward to supporting her colleagues with their professional learning .  She’d like to educate fellow colleagues about how they can best use Mathletics with their own students, and to demonstrate all the possible ways Mathletics can be used!

I have noted that many teachers are not using Mathletics with their classes as productively as they could be, simply because they are unaware of the large scope in which the can potentially be using it. I am undergoing this training with the aim of empowering teachers, who can then communicate this information to better empower parents to get the most out of using Mathletics at home with their children.

When asked how numeracy resources like Mathletics can contribute to develop those 21st Century skills, Penelope would like to see a continuation of quality activities that can help engage and support our learners.  Well done!