Mirboo North PS in Victoria has Penelope Hobbin as Mathletics Lead Educator

Mathletics Lead Educator

Penelope Hobbin, Mirboo North PS, VIC

Penelope is passionate about providing each and every student with the skills to take them wherever they want to go in life.  She does this by facilitating not doing.  Penelope’s students very quickly learn to be independent and are encouraged to use their initiative and ‘think outside the square’.

Penny currently teaches Grade 1/2 and enjoys the excitement at learning that younger children show.  Mathletics has been a tool that she has used in her classroom over the past eight years both to support students’ learning as well as to provide them with a fun way of consolidating their maths skills.

“My students always love their learning time in Mathletics; many of them also get online at home to “play Live”.  I frequently use the students as peer tutors especially when our Preps are being introduced to the program.  I also use  Mathletics in planning and resourcing the maths curriculum.

Penny has been successful in facilitating Mathletics within her school during Staff Meetings and directly supports colleagues in their use of the program.  Many teachers in Grades 3 – 6 particularly value using Mathletics as an assessment tool to support their evidence base for each of their students.    Read more about Penelope and other Lead Educators