Back for the 3rd year, the new Mathletics online pre-round allows SEAMC/NEAMC

students to compete in live rounds over four challenging arithmetic levels!

The official warm up event for the 2014

The South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) is a prestigious mathematics competition. SEAMC/NEAMC has evolved into an annual two day event organised by local volunteer teachers on a rotational basis throughout the region. Hundreds of international school students, aged 15 or younger, and their teachers come together for a long weekend each year to share their enthusiasm for Mathematics and problem solving.

In the lead up to the SEAMC/NEAMC, teachers should encourage students to take part in the official warm up event. Taking part is simple! Students can participate in the Mathletics Live pre-round challenge, which allows students to connect and challenge up to three other students in 60 second rounds. This gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves against others in a healthy competitive spirit. Participation ultimately gives students the potential to arrive in style in Nanjing by being on the leaderboard of the Live Mathletics online pre-round.

Student involvement in this warm up phase on Mathletics Live can give them a competitive edge in their preparation for the SEAMC/NEAMC. Participate today and your students have the chance to win a SAMSUNG TAB 10.1 PLUS Mathletics subscriptions and access to Common Core material.

SEAMC/NEAMC 2014 will be held at the British Vietnamese International School in Hoh Chi Minh City on the 27th February to the 2nd March 2014. Time is running out! Start your Mathletics Live pre-round challenges today.

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