key to success

Learning is like getting a driving licence.

There is a benchmark that all who wish to drive must meet to be of a standard to drive on our roads. Most students reach this milestone in their lives.  Some on the first go and some taking longer. What doesn’t change is the benchmark. You are the one who knows your child’s strengths, passions and dreams. Each child is different. You know the areas that will take them longer to achieve and those they will accomplish quickly and you ride the emotional waves with them are they progress. Your support is important to their success.

All parents want the best for their child but in a time of so much information, it is hard to know what is best to do.

So what can you do in your home?

In an article, I wrote for the Australian Council for Educational Leadership Journal about personalised learning and parental engagement being the key to success, I suggest that there are six evidence-based strategies that have an effect on student achievement and well-being. Read more of the article here.

My research would seem to indicate that if teachers and parents work together using effective teaching strategies in the classroom and effective parental engagement strategies in the home, the effect size on student achievement can be greater than the expected average for the year.

When frameworks that facilitate parent-teacher collaboration in schools are enacted through respect of the knowledge, expertise and roles each can contribute, the opportunity for success for all can become a reality.


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