What parents do, matters. An essential component of student success is parental involvement in the learning process. Research shows that children are more likely to achieve academic successes if their families are involved in their education. Check out some of our top parental engagement tips that encourage student success.

Set expectations

During daily conversations let your children know that you have expectations for their education. High parental expectations coupled with positive reinforcement have a huge impact upon achievements. One way to assist your children in meeting these expectations is setting goals and praising them on each success along the way – no matter how big or small. Let your children know that you’re proud of them for trying their best, not necessarily for coming in first. Expressing belief in children’s abilities and celebrating their efforts builds confidence, which in turn motivates them to meet those goals.

Talk about school

Talking with your children about what’s happening at school is an easy way to get involved in the learning process. Sometimes it can be frustrating to maintain a conversation upon being met with the notorious ‘nothing’ when asking what they learned at school. A good way to approach the topic is asking about fun activities and programs, then gradually steering the conversation towards academics. Doing so will keep you in the loop with the day-to-day happenings, giving you better insight on what makes your child excited about school and consequently helping you spot opportunities for goal-setting.

Help your children develop a positive attitude towards learning

A good way to encourage positivity in learning is by providing a distraction-free study space. Simple steps such as ensuring there is enough room to spread out books, comfortable seating and good lighting can help your children complete their homework easier, thus making for a positive experience. Helping your children minimize distractions and praising them for their effort and perseverance will help build effective study skills and confidence – an important foundation for continuing success.


If your schedule permits it, volunteering at your children’s school is a good way to create a stronger sense of community and set an example. It will allow you to see what the school environment is truly like. Consider volunteering for special days such as the Terry Fox run, sports days, or even coming in the classroom to speak about your career. As our children grow up they are gradually faced with more decisions that will shape what they want to do with their futures. Having a leader speak about the various careers that are out there beyond fireman and musician would be helpful in their decision-making processes.

Parents do make a difference. How do you get involved in your children’s learning? Let us know in the comment section or send us an email (liz.coffey@3plearning.com) for the chance to be featured on our blog. Happy learning!