Benefits of Mathletics & Reading Eggs at Yamba Public School

Yamba Public School fosters learning opportunities for their students using online education platforms. Alan Anderson, from Yamba Public School, shares how they have achieved whole school participation in two of our online learning programs, namely ABC Reading Eggs and Mathletics.

These are excellent programs as they support and compliment school curricular. Teacher’s are able to track, monitor and modify a child’s program or progress. They provide an opportunity for children to work and progress at their individual level of ability, whilst also use the latest technology to assist in the development of proficient and motivated learners performing at their potential. These programs really do prove that learning can be fun as children love working on them.

Children can use these programs at home as well as at school or indeed anywhere in the world where there is internet access. It is highly recommended that parents actively encourage their child to regularly and consistently use them. When your child asks for computer time, please direct them towards these programs, rather than games of little educational value.

We are confident that the considerable financial investment in these programs, computers and associated I.T. equipment is warranted and will make a significant contribution to the education of our students.

Alan Anderson

ABC Reading Eggs has a ‘Reading Eggs Trophy’ which is a fantastic way to motivate students and encourage students to achieve their best.  The Trophy provides young learners with a tangible reward which can effectively impart positive reinforcement for academic progress. Staff at Yamba Public School utilised this resource and at a whole school assembly, trophies and awards were presented for ‘Outstanding Personal Effort & Achievement’ to students for their work on ABC Reading Eggs.

students receiving awards

Well done staff and students at Yamba Public School on this great achievement!