Congratulations Mr. Rekers!

We are excited to announce our October Mathletics Master Class recipient – Martin Rekers, grade 6/7 teacher at John Calvin School in British Columbia.

School: John Calvin School
Teacher: Martin Rekers
Grade(s): 6/7

Mr. Rekers makes full use of Mathletics’ differentiation potential. We were impressed by his dedication to ensuring that each student receives the support they need.

“What I’ve done is created a levelled curriculum for my students which coincides as much as possible with my classroom teaching.  This allows students to practice the concepts they are learning in class on a regular basis. If students want to do extra work at home they are encouraged to do so, but otherwise we have two blocks each week that are set aside exclusively for Mathletics.  Each of my classes is split into five groups based on abilities, and each group has a different curriculum assigned to them. The lowest level allows students to practice fundamental concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and students can ask to do these assignments at any point if they need some help.  With the levelled program, I’ve found that students are getting the practice they need at the level they need to help them succeed with their math skills.”

Mr. Rekers’ class

Mr. Rekers is not only committed to ensuring that each student’s learning gaps are met. He is also dedicated to celebrating student success through various channels – an effective motivational tool.

“Of course the most exciting time for the students is when they get to go on Live Mathletics and challenge each other.  Because students are at different levels, there is always a healthy competition among the students to see who can get to the highest level.  Every Monday morning I print out the certificates earned in the previous week and post them on the ‘Mathletics All-Stars’ bulletin board. The students come into class and rush to see their certificates on the board. Throughout all this there is also the Canada-wide and World-wide rankings, and the students regularly check to see if they have made it onto the list.  When a student reaches the top 5 in either category, I print it off for them to keep as a memento in their portfolio.  The students love to show these off during student-led conferences!”

It is particularly impactful to have these achievements highlighted by the students themselves, we love the idea of including Hall of Fame achievements in individual portfolios!

Participating in online math competitions as a class can be another fun and engaging learning experience; students get swept up in the excitement whilst achieving curriculum outcomes.

“As a teacher, I love the energy that Mathletics brings into my classroom. Students are excited to go home and spend time on Mathletics to see how many points they can earn, and they are constantly asking me to assign them more assignments.  Last year we participated in Mathletics March Madness, and it was incredible to see how the students were so excited about Math class and getting as many points as possible!  In the end, the class won a few awards and we all enjoyed a Math party with donuts for everyone!

Mathletics hosts online math competitions on a regular basis. They include all grades and ability levels, are typically free to join and there are awesome prizes to be awarded to schools with outstanding achievements.

“I have loved being able to incorporate Mathletics into my math curriculum, and each year I try to add another element into the program to keep up the program for my students, and to make sure that I am using Mathletics to its full potential.  I love it!”

Check out what Mr. Rekers’ students had to say about their experiences with Mathletics:

“I like doing Live Math with my classmates to build connector points.” – Jordan

“I think we should have Mathletics every other day so we can get lots of points.” – Jordan

“I like Mathletics because it gives me a challenge and it pushes me to do better.” – Micah

“It is easy to learn and if you don’t get it there is a button you press and it explains it.  Also, I love live Mathletics because you can play with friends or against people all around the world.” – Seth

“I like Live Mathletics and the games because you can play against other people.” – April

“I like that it is easy to get to so I can do it at home and school.” – Carrie


Thank you Mr. Rekers for sharing!

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