School: Otetiskiwin Kiskinwamahtowekamik School, Nelson House, MB

Class: Grade 4B

Teacher: Mr. Kasap

November Mathletics Master Class - low res

We are pleased to announce that our November Mathletics Master Class of the Month is Mr. Kasap’s Grade 4B class, at Otetiskiwin Kiskinwamahtowekamik School in Nelson House, MB.  We were impressed by the creative and engaging ways Mr. Kasap implements Mathletics in his classroom and we’re sure you will be too. Read on to see how he has taken Mathletics in his classroom to a whole new level.

“I use Mathletics in my classroom both as a teaching tool, and as a reward system. Mathletics is a great tool for students to explore all of the math strands at any time. They can reach mastery in areas that they are comfortable with, and then move on to work on other strands. The help button allows them to learn other concepts on their own, and I am able to clear up any other misunderstandings one-on-one. The principals and curriculum coordinator have all noted how strong my class from last year is now in math, and it has a lot to do with the amount of time we spent using Mathletics.

Mathletics as a Reward

“Since there are a wide variety of abilities in my classroom, I often use Mathletics as a reward to those students who are finished their work and reading quietly, or for students that have been working hard for a long time and could benefit from a little break from the activity. These students then get an opportunity to go on Mathletics for 15 – 20 minutes. This has been at the center of my classroom management and it works like a dream. Students are always on task and focused to complete their assignment for a chance to get some Mathletics time.”

Celebrating Success

“I constantly make aware of the success the students achieve. We have a Mathletics Hall of Fame wall where I post anytime we’re 1st in Canada or make it within the top 5 in the world. As well, I post a daily update of how may points each student earned and rank the class. The student with the most points at the end of the week gets to design my avatar. Then it is the goal of the rest of the next week to get our class to the top of the charts so that everyone can see my new avatar. The students are also overjoyed to be able to take home their certificates, or snapshots of them being within the top 100 students in Canada, or even in the World!”

Motivating the Class

“I have several reward systems in place for the work students do on Mathletics. For every 1000 points earned a student gets a small treat. When a student earns a silver certificate, they get a prize from the prize box. Lastly, when a student earns a gold certificate, the student receives a $10 gift card to the store of their choice. This acts as a tremendous motivator for students to work hard on completing assignments on a weekly basis. The school also held a competition to see which class could obtain the most points between February 1st and June 1st, with the winning class getting a bowling party. My class finished first by getting over 1,336,000 points and 334 certificates. We also finished the week as the top class in Canada seven times!”

Love Learning with Mathletics

“My work with the program had me invited to present at the Lighting the Fire conference on using Mathletics in the classroom, as well as create a 20 minute video on our use of Mathletics. My current class has had very similar success. Within the second week of using Mathletics this school year my class finished 1st in Canada. Also, for the first time in my class, we reached 1st place in the world! As I continue using the program, I continually see the love of math grow within my students. This excitement for Mathletics is not only confined to my classroom but it has spread throughout the school. In the first week of October our school had 3 classes within the top 10 of Canada, so the excitement is felt throughout the community! It is only the second year this school has had Mathletics but I am constantly running into people throughout the community that love the success with have had with it. I cannot wait to see how the love of math will shape the future of our school.”


Congratulations Mr. Kasap and the rest of the Grade 4B class! Keep up the great work.

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