We have chosen Wolfville School as our newest Mathletics Masterclass. Read about their experience using Mathletics!

Wolfville School is using Mathletics to its full potential and we are very impressed with the learning process they have created in the classroom. Initially, they were accessing it during their Math period as reinforcement of concepts covered in class.  A couple of months into the year, they began using it as a tool for “Learning Buddies”.  During this period, older students are matched with younger students and they help with everything from accessing and logging in to practicing different Math concepts.  The younger students love having 1 on 1 time with the older students and the older students enjoy being in a leadership role.  What a wonderful way to inspire learning in the classroom.Mathletics4

From day one both teachers and students at Wolfville School liked what Mathletics had to offer.

“Mathletics gives students another opportunity in which to practice the math outcomes being covered throughout the year. Some students love how they can compete with others in the class and around the world.  It offers something for those who are not into the thrill of competition as well.  Regardless of what avenue they choose, we find that students keep trying until they are successful even if it means doing so on their own time.”

Wolfville School enjoys that the students are genuinely excited about using Mathletics. Students are engaging in problem-solving activities with more attention and stamina.  They like that they see their improvement and are rewarded for their progress.

“We love how we can easily form groups within our classes depending upon the students’ levels in a particular strand.  Mathletics makes it easy to differentiate for all learners.  As a result, all students are gaining confidence with Math skills! The extra practice sheets or workbooks are a great bonus for those that need some extra reinforcement too.  It is easily accessible for teachers and easy for students to read.  Lastly, as teachers, it is easy to keep track of students’ progress on assigned activities. “

Mathletics 1

Wolfville School has noticed a significant and positive difference since using Mathletics. The program meets the needs of all learners.  They recognize that students are definitely more confident and excited about Math.  Additionally, the school appreciates that this program allows students the ability to work on their Math anytime and anywhere.

“Mathletics is an effective program that is well organized, easy for students to use, very engaging and aligned with the curriculum.   As teachers, we have been offered great support and questions are quickly addressed when we have contacted representatives within Mathletics.  The feedback from students, teachers and parents has been extremely positive.”

Wolfville School staff is doing an excellent job using the program to monitor the progress of their students and set individual learning goals.  They have truly ignited a love of learning in the classroom and we are so excited that Mathletics played a role.