Myton School, Warwick are the England host school for the Four Nations Maths Challenge.

What an honour for Myton school to lead the English charge against the other three nations in the challenge, and haven’t the pupils taken to the challenge? After two launch assemblies, both year 7 and 8 were fighting for the top spot and by at lunchtime on the first day, Myton School was 6th on the leader board. 500 students are booked into a computer room on the first two days which should really help our goal to be the number 1 school in the UK!

What is fantastic about the challenge is how Maths has become an exciting subject in the minds of the pupils and they enjoy taking part in challenges like this one. It is also easy to see that the amount of time spent learning maths increases dramatically. In my eyes anything that improves a pupil’s engagement is fantastic for maths and this is exactly what this is doing! This can be seen by the amount of pupils that are willing to give up their lunchtimes to help us in our goal to be number 1. We run a lunchtime club which has now overflowed in to 2 computer rooms instead of one!

Mr Paul MacIntyre, Head of Myton School had this to say about the event: “This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to get involved in a really challenging and exciting event.  The application of numeracy skills is difficult and exciting contexts really make learning come alive.  It raises the status of Mathematics and puts Myton ‘on the map’.  It is by doing difficult and challenging things that we really learn, this event is great fun as well!”

All we have to do now is try and win the crown!

Lewis Baker, Teacher of Mathematics, Myton School