Your Mathletics Student Console is your own personal learning space.

We think it’s important you feel comfortable in the space where you come to learn – because when you are comfortable, you learn more. That is why in Mathletics you can make your Student Console look however you like by changing the settings and theme – just like putting up posters in your bedroom (except you won’t get in trouble with us for leaving sticky tape on the walls!)

From today, six brand new themes have arrived to make your Student Console look even better. Meet “Aqua“, “Prairie“, “Space“, “Spooky“, “Unicorn Valley” and “Viking“.

Profile Settings

The new themes are available right away – simply sign into Mathletics, click your “My Profile” or “My Settings” button and look for out the new theme icons.

New Themes Mathletics

Which one will you choose? Are you #teamviking or #teamunicorn?

Mathletics Prairie

Mathletics Space

Mathletics Viking

Mathletics Aqua

Mathletics Unicorn Valley

Mathletics Spooky