Our team of educators and publishers are continually working to ensure Mathletics meets the changing needs of world curricula.  We are teachers and educators ourselves and we work with a wide range of curriculum experts and teachers in our schools to produce  content that provides comprehensive coverage of all mathematical strands, curriculum outcomes and teaching requirements.

In the last few weeks over 35 brand new curriculum-aligned activities have been released covering a range of topics and grade levels. The Mathletics database contains over 1,100 targeted and adaptive practice activities for students covering all year levels and curriculum strands within the dozens of nationally-aligned courses.

Take a look at the NEW activities now available…

Grades/Year level: K/R-3*

  • 1 more, 10 less
  • 10 more, 10 less
  • Balance Numbers to 10
  • Balance Numbers to 20
  • Number Lines
  • Numbers from Words to Digits 1
  • Numbers from Words to Digits 2
  • Numbers from Words to Digits 3
  • Which Measuring Tool?

Grades/Year level: 3-6*

  • Counting with Fractions on a Number Line
  • Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line 1
  • Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line 2
  • Identifying Fractions on a Number Line
  • Perimeter Detectives 1
  • Which Unit of Measurement?

Grades/Year level: 6-9*

  • Fit the Conditions 1
  • Magic Symbols 1
  • Magic Symbols 2
  • Mixed and Improper Numbers on a Line

Grades/Year level: 9-12*

  • 3D Trigonometry
  • Argand Diagram
  • Complex Conjugate
  • Complex Multiplication
  • Complex Power and Roots
  • Graphics Invers Beyond 1
  • Pascal’s Triangle, Expansion
  • Permutations and Probability
  • Polar Complex Numbers (Degrees)
  • Polar Complex Numbers (Radians)
  • Quartic Functions
  • Scalar Product (Component Form)
  • Scalar Product (Vector Form)
  • Vector Operations 1 (Component)
*Grade/year level ranges are approximate, taking into account their positions within different global curricula.

How can I use these new activities with my class?

The good news is that if you are using one of the Mathletics default national courses (aligned to the national/provincial curriculum of your country), you do not need to do anything. Whenever new content is released, our default courses are updated to include it automatically.

If you are using a custom-created course, or you simply wish to expand upon the default course, you can easily add in the new content using the Mathletics Course Creator in the Teacher Console. As shown in the illustration below, new activities are identified by a green badge and can be dragged and dropped into your custom course.

New mathletics activities

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