Connect with a new and improved Live Mathletics. So much more than a game…

From the day Mathletics launched, the Live Mathletics area has always been a hugely popular part of the resource. Every day, over 5 million challenges take place in Live Mathletics, with students seeing their fluency in key strands of mathematics take a huge leap skywards.

The much loved “World Challenge”, “School Challenge” and “Class Challenge” are today joined by a host of new features and a new look interface. The Live Mathletics arena is taking a revolutionary leap of its own….

NEW  Who’s Online

newlive laptop1 copyFrom today, students will see a brand new live feed showing who’s online within their school or class. This new feed allows students to challenge up to three other schoolmates to a round of Live Mathletics.

By challenging other students to a round of Live, or by accepting a challenge from a schoolmate, students earn themselves another new feature – Connector Points. More on those below…

We know students enjoy being matched randomly with others on the other side of the world – but also love challenging their friends to a mental mathematical contest. The new Who’s Online feed means students can easily compete both inside and outside of the classroom.

NEW  Ten levels of Live Mathletics – now with preview and practice!

Mathletics laptop6Live Mathletics is so much more than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Ten levels include questions covering over 75 different strands including geometry, currency, conversions, alegebra and even logarithms.

Now, students can preview what’s included at each level – and even try out some practice questions.

Click to take a look at the ten levels of Live Mathletics.

NEW  Connecting the world with learning

newlive laptop2At Mathletics we have a passion about education for all.  That’s not just something we say to impress our friends – we work closely with our partners at UNICEF to build schools in parts of the world where they are badly needed.

Now our global community of students can be involved. Each time students challenge each other in the new Live Mathletics, they will earn Connector Points.

Every time enough Connector Points have been earned globally, Mathletics will fund the building of another brand new school in a UNICEF-supported part of the world. The more Live Mathletics connections made, the more schools we will build.

Live Mathletics is now not only powering the improvement of mathematical fluency across the world, its players are building schools – passing on the gift of education, through their own learning. It’s the power of the Connection.

Sign in to Mathletics today and connect with the new world of Live Mathletics!