Hon Anne Tolley enjoying Live Mathletics.

“Local company 3P Learning is living proof that Whakatane businesses can indeed foot it with the big guns.

Back in March, John Key and I joined New Zealand Primary students at Thorndon School in Wellington for World Maths Day. The Prime Minister and I both had the opportunity to watch the kids at Thorndon School and to have a go ourselves.

It was great to see first hand the children competing against other students from across the globe, and they were all so enthusiastic. Students instantly saw a tally of their scores and relative position in the world and it really encouraged them to do well.

It was great to see the satisfaction students get from putting their skills on the line and seeing how they improve.

Numeracy skills are critical for a child’s development and self esteem and it is a priority for this government to see children develop to their full potential.

Watching Mathletics in action was a real treat and I am looking forward to next year’s event.

World Maths Day was also an illustration of how successfully technology can be used in schools to increase a child’s enthusiasm for the subject.

Tens of thousands of New Zealand students use Mathletics each day at home and at school as part of their maths learning. It was really fantastic to see children being so enthusiastic about maths.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those involved in 3P’s success and wish them all the best for the future.”


(Courtesy of “The Whakatane Beacon”, 22 May 2009)