Spellodrome now includes word lists by year group that are fully aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum for England.  

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Spellodrome UK Curriculum

Find a host of grammar, punctuation and spelling resources in printable Spellodrome workbooks.


Assign diagnostic tests to assess spelling skills and use reports to target weaknesses.


Sample Test


The Complete Diagnostic Test Series

Created for teachers by teachers, the Complete Diagnostic Test Series assists in determining the strengths and weaknesses of individual student’s spelling skills.  The Diagnostic Tests are available at 3 levels, testing all four areas of spelling knowledge including visual, phonological, morphemic and etymological:

  • Level 1:  tests basic spelling skills and knowledge.
  • Level 2:  tests a broader range of spelling skills and knowledge. This stage involves recognising a large number of phonemes and rules.
  • Level 3:  is suited to more independent spellers who possess a wide range of spelling strategies but may have some problems with commonly misspelt words, unusual rules and etymology.