If your students feel a little uneasy about the upcoming NAPLAN literacy tests, Spellodrome can be a great way to settle the nerves and familiarise students with related content.

One component of the literacy test is the Language Conventions test, which assesses spelling, grammar and punctuation, focusing on the use and knowledge of language conventions in different texts. The content covered includes:

  • Punctuation
    • Knowledge of the use of capital letters, full stops, question marks, speech marks and commas.
  • Grammar
    • Nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, pronouns, phrases and contractions

And the test format includes the following question types:

  • Multiple-choice and short answer questions
    • Identify errors – focus on commonly misspelt and high frequency words, as well as high frequency homophones.
    • Recognise punctuation conventions in short, long, simple and complex sentences.

How can Spellodrome help?

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The Instant Workbooks series are a great way to familiarise students with different language conventions – covering a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation activities. These workbooks can be found in the Spellodrome Teacher Console under “Workbooks”.

Spellodrome also allows teachers to set NAPLAN Practice Word Lists for students, with the option of tailoring the lists to suit the individual needs of students. These word lists come with comprehensive reporting capabilities, helping both students and teachers identify areas of weakness. Students can revise and practice words they get incorrect simply by clicking on “My Results” in their Student Centre. An effective strategy to address student weaknesses is for students to focus on the “Incorrect Column” in “My Results”, until all words have moved across to the “Correct Column”.

Live Spellodrome is another effective way to keep students engaged and boost their confidence. In Live Spellodrome, students compete with others worldwide in a live, real-time race environment where students are required to listen to a sentence read aloud and spell the missing word.

These activities will also help students to feel more confident in the other NAPLAN literacy testing areas – including Reading (& Comprehension) and Writing. The Writing test requires students to respond to a ‘writing stimulus’ in a particular genre or text type. This will be either through narrative writing or persuasive writing.

To familiarise students with the proposed writing genres, students can explore Writing Fun by Jenny Eather, a powerful tool available free to all Spellodrome subscribers. Writing Fun explores a range of writing styles including Recounts, Persuasions (expositions), Discussions, Narratives, Responses, Descriptions and Poetry, as well as everyday texts such as letters, emails, invitations and news. Each genre area is clearly explained with several examples given. Downloadable worksheets are an added bonus.

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