…NAPLAN will continue to be paper-based for 2015.

Moving NAPLAN into a computer-based, or ‘online’, environment brings many new opportunities for students and teachers that are often limited or not possible with paper-based tests.

ACARA  – NAP national assessment program.

Key facts for parents

> Why online assessment?

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has reveled key findings into a nation survey. The study showed that as many as 50% of students will experience an enhanced assessment experience, particularly for high-and low-achieving students. Some of the key benefits of taking Naplan online include:

  • Assessments will use a tailored test design. Students will answer an initial set of questions and then be directed to subsequent sets of questions based on the accuracy of their responses. Students with a high number of questions correct will be directed to more challenging questions. Students who have a lower level of accuracy in the initial set of questions will be directed to questions that are less challenging.
  • Tailored testing will provide teachers and schools with more targeted and detailed information on their students’ performance on the tests.
  • Use of a computer-based environment provides the opportunity to broaden the scope of the assessments.
  • Delivery of assessments online will significantly reduce the time it takes to provide feedback to schools, students and parents.
  • ACARA research into online assessment has shown that students have engaged well with computer-based tests.

As technology develops, ACARA aims to further refine the delivery of the tests to best use the available technology to provide increasingly sophisticated assessments.

> When will online assessment begin?

NAPLAN online will be implemented from 2017 on an opt-in basis over two to three years.

The education minister Chirstopher Pyne said in a statement “This would provide students better opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, as well as increase their engagement with tests and their sense of achievement:”.

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