Mathletics - Love LearningThe future of education will be digital, online, on-demand & mobile

Many high school students perceive mathematics as irrelevant, esoteric and far too difficult. Earlier this year, the Office for Learning and Teaching announced a new program “Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program”. This program is aimed at enhancing the quality and increasing the quantity of mathematics teachers, in response to a recent report from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb.

While it is clear that both the Office for Learning and Teaching and Ian Chubb’s office have been carefully considering how to increase the supply of effective maths teachers within our schools, an holistic approach to investing in mathematics for a smarter future also requires us to consider the challenges of mathematics education from a different angle – one that lies outside the classroom.

The future of education will be digital, online, on-demand and mobile. Driving these trends will be the National Broadband Network (NBN) and our already mobile-centric society, with Australia having the second-highest proportion of smartphone penetration in the world.

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(Courtesy of The Conversation “To multiply maths students, take away classrooms and add online courses”)