Mt Eliza Primary School got creative when celebrating the recent Victorian Education Week. The school called it “Mathematics Madness Week”, and students from each grade were involved in the fun which included a Mathletics competition, maths treasure hunt and guessing competition.

The school was kind enough to send through some pictures of the week and the activities each grade took part in:

To celebrate Victoria’s Education Week (17th May – 23rd May 2015) Mt Eliza Primary School celebrated with a Mathematics theme – Mathematics Madness Week

Throughout the week each grade was involved in some or all of the following activities:

  • Mathletics Points – There was a competition throughout every grade level. The competition started on Monday 18th May and ran until Sunday the 24th May. The student in each grade was presented with a certificate at assembly, as too was the winning overall grade

  • Guessing Competition – Grades P-2 had an M&M’s guessing competition to use their estimation skills whilst students in Grades 3-6 guessed the average age of the teachers in the school!

  • Times Tables competitions to find the class champion – the winners were announced at assembly.

  • Maths games were encouraged with the student’s families for homework that week. Teachers sent home some games for the families to try.

  • Math Treasure Hunt around the school – Each grade participated in the hunt.

Prep and Grade 1s – hunted for shapes around the school from the photos on the page given to them – student had to write the name of the shape they found and draw it.

Grade 2 – searched the school for dinosaur prints – when you find them guess how long and then measure each foot.

Grade 3 and 4 – searched the school for treasure chests hidden around the school. Student had to solve the problem and write down the letter. The letter was used to answer a riddle.

Grade 5 and 6 – searched the school for numbers in the Amazing Number Race. When they found a question they had to answer it and write down the code letter to unscramble the letters at the end of the amazing numbers race to find 2 words.


To find out more about Mathletics visit www.mathletics.com.au