… Don’t tell the kids!


Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks.  The goal of the game is to craft and build structures.  As the game progresses it becomes more about players working together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

Any parent of a child using Minecraft will say that it consumes them.  Most games are designed to engage children by instinctively tapping into what motivates them.  These motivators are in essence a “social taxonomy” of types of learning.  Children will become involved in gaming for the achievement, competitive, social or explorative elements.  Gaming generally applies design to cater for all of these learning styles by providing quests, challenges, stories, rewards, recognition and opportunities for connection.

Many gaming experiences we expose our children to have the potential for deeper learning. How as parents can we switch our thinking from ‘it’s just a game’ to making it an opportunity for richer learning?  The first steps are easy.  Take an interest. Sit with your child and let them teach you.  Most importantly, it’s the conversations that you have with your children that will encourage deeper learning and thinking.

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