Barnsley CLCs have launched the second round of grants of up to £5,000 to purchase new technologies to support transforming learning projects.


Millhouse Primary School participated in one of these exciting projects using the grants available.

Project Leaders
Mr G Mangham – Head teacher and Mrs J Kemp – HLTA

The project:
Raising Attainment in Maths Using an On line Learning Resource (Mathletics)

  • Lesson learning and design
  • Personalisation
  • Engaging hard to reach
  • Parental and family engagement

We were aiming to develop a new visual, exciting and interactive approach to mathematics which would engage all learners, particularly boys, and be used at home and at school.
This was a result of a significant fall in the number of level 3s achieved at Key Stage 1 in 2008 for boys. We also wanted to develop our on line learning both at home and at school as, having carried out a survey, at least 52% of our pupils had access to on line learning at home. We decided to use Mathletics as it is used in at least 3000 schools worldwide and is constantly developing.


  • Mathletics has created a real buzz around school
  • It was noted as a clear strength in the recent Ofsted report
  • It clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses and enables learning to be personalised. Both girls and boys really enjoy using Mathletics at school and at home across all ages.
  • Parents are enthusiastic about the structured, easy to use program
  • Results of pupils, particularly those using Mathletics on a regular basis, have improved significantly.
  • We will be continuing to use Mathletics for at least the next two years.