Midway Elementary Network Schools in Chicago, Illinois were invited to participate in a Mathletics competition at Sandoval Elementary School on Nov. 21st form 4-5:30pm.  The exciting event was aimed at Grades 5 & 6 students who demonstrate particular skill, confidence and ability in mathematics.



The competition was run by Brooke Monroe from 3P Learning (the team behind Mathletics). Thirty-three participating students competed in live, multi-player math challenges on numeracy facts and also were challenged in self-paced adaptive curriculum questions. Team and individual winners were awarded based on total number of points earned!

Participating Schools:

Sandoval Elementary School (Host), Fairfield Academy, Hernandez Middle School, Morrill Elementary School, Tarkington School of Excellence, Hale Elementary School, Lee Elementary School, Dore Elementary School, Grimes Elementary School, Hurley Elementary School.




Team Winner: Hale Elementary School

Individual Winners:

1st – Kiara Villalobos (Tarkington School of Excellence)

2nd – Erik Gonzalez (Grimes Elementary School)

3rd – Charles Marusarz (Hale Elementary School)



Team Winner: Fairfield Academy

Individual Winners:

1st – Javany Ortega (Fairfield Academy)

2nd – Makisha Samuals (Fairfield Academy)

3rd – Edwin Rodriguez (Hurley Elementary School)


Congratulations to all of the participants on a fantastic competition!