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With the middle of the school year fast approaching, mid-year reporting is undoubtedly on the horizon for most teachers. Although time-consuming, mid-year reporting provides teachers with a valuable opportunity to review the academic progress of their students and classes. At this busy time of the year, Spellodrome is a powerful tool to assist teachers in identifying individual literacy strengths and weaknesses, aiding the development of comprehensive mid-year reports.

Reviewing student participation

The “School Usage” button* provides teachers with an overview of each class’ Spellodrome participation, which can be drilled down to the participation of each individual student. This can provide teachers with a good indication of each student’s involvement in their learning.
*Available to the person with the Administrator username and password

Identifying strengths and weaknesses


The “Reports” area of Spellodrome provides a breakdown of every word a student has spelt correctly and incorrectly, helping teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness. Teachers are also able to access information based on length of time each student is signed in for and any awards they have achieved, helping to recognise past student achievements.

Assessment mechanisms

Complete Diagnostic Test Series || Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test

The Spellodrome “Assessment” feature offers a Complete Diagnostic Test Series, as well as an Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test which provide useful, point-in-time information about students spelling abilities. The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test provides teachers with a relative indication of each student’s ability through giving each student a spelling age compared with a norm referenced group of peers. On the other hand, the Diagnostic Tests provide teachers with useful and targeted feedback as to which specific spelling rules need to be revised, through diagnosing individual areas of weakness. Through setting these tests in the lead up to mid-year reporting, teachers can obtain valuable information, easing the strain of mid-year reporting.

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