Michael Wales The Oaks PSMichael Wales is a primary classroom teacher, Stage 3 and Stage 2,  and has been a teacher for nearly two years.  He sees teaching as being a role model for students, an exemplar for acceptable student behaviour and a leader and facilitator of student learning, academic, social and personal development.  He is passionate about nurturing students as 21st century learners and maintaining happy, safe and professional learning environments that are positive.

Michael is keen to develop his professional development accreditation from proficient to become a lead teacher in a primary school.

According to Michael, the top trends to impact students over the next five years are twofold:

  • An emphasis on student assessment. Understanding the differences and purposes between the types of assessment, developing strategies develop, elicit and produce student learning and using information collected to future plan more effectively and efficiently.
  • The increased use of ICT in schools. It is almost an expectation that 21st century learners are equipped with ICT devices (tablets and software) and teachers must incorporate this into their planning and programming to nurture student learning and development.