Michael Smethurst_picFrom 3P Learning’s perspective, Mathletics Certification is a terrific way to learn more about the teaching community.  Right now we are getting to know freshly certified Mathletics Lead Educator Michael Smethurst.  Michael resides in Cheltenham, Victoria and brings his passion for mathematics and the integration of ICT into all areas of learning at his school Kingston Heath PS.

As a Year 5/6 teacher, Michael was looking to add something extra to his Mathematics program,  It had to offer creative ways to celebrate his student’s achievement, commitment and learning, and having found Mathletics, Michael integrated the program across his class.

In the classroom, Michael introduces new topics and concepts using Mathletics and finds that it can be used to expand the mathematical vocabulary of students.   Michael finds that by setting assessment tasks for students and creating individual focus groups based on diagnostic assessments, he is then well placed to evaluate the results through the immediate feedback, provided both to him and his students.  He integrating Mathletics into his maths rotations and maximises his student engagement through running Live Mathletics in class competitions.  Students at Kingston Heath have even designed and built their own Mathletics trophy! Read more…

“Mathletics works to enrich learning in my classroom by promoting formative and diagnostic teaching and learning”.

We are particularly interested to know what Michael would like to see next from Mathletics.

“It would be great for Mathletics to be able to collect all data from an individual student in one report in the case where they have changed curriculum levels.”

Having taught for 6 years, Michael’s passion for the power of positive thinking and believing is a strong influence in his teaching.