It is well known that students have different learning styles. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will result in all students mastering a concept. This is why Mathletics is designed to adapt to the evolving learning styles of students letting them approach learning in a way that is beneficial for them.

Competitor Mathletics


For many students, the idea of being able to compete is one of the biggest motivating factors behind learning. Even if a student isn’t top of the class, the enjoyment they get out of the competition between classmates and trying to beat their own best scores is a great learning motivator.

You might find this type of learner competing in Live Mathletics where they can challenge students from across the world to live arithmetic races.

Students who fall under the Achiever learning style focus predominantly on results. They know what they want to achieve and will use their problem-solving skills to meet their goals.

Achievers love to work through the curriculum-aligned activities within Mathletics where they are pushed to fill up all their gold bars and earn certificates along the way.

Achiever Mathletics


Socialite Mathletics


We all know this student; the social butterfly. They learn best when they are interacting with others. They love sharing knowledge with their classmates and are not shy to ask other students for guidance.

We have even heard of some students organising Mathletics study groups during lunchtimes for any student that wishes to take part – a great whole school activity.

Driven to discover the unknown, Explorers are curious learners. They are often characterised as independent and have a thirst for knowing how things work.

Explorers enjoy using the interactive concept search where they can find a myriad of mathematical words and terms. Secondary students love tinkering with the Mathletics Graphic Calculator testing new expressions and equations.

Explorer Mathletics


Do you see any of these learning types in your students? To see how Mathletics can personalise your students’ learning journey’s join us for a free school trial.