With the 2015 Love Learning Conference just around the corner, we think it is the right time to introduce one of our thought-provoking speakers, Sheena Cameron.

Well…. who is Sheena Cameron?

Sheena Cameron

Let us introduce you to her with these four must know facts about our influential workshop facilitator:

  1. Sheena is an experienced teacher and presenter who has taught in New Zealand, England and the United States. She has taught at primary and intermediate levels and continues to teach regularly in the classroom in order to keep in touch with the real world of the classroom.
  2. As well as lecturing at the Faculty of Education at Auckland University, Sheena also held the position of Director of Kohia Education Centre at the university.
  3. Currently Sheena facilitates literacy workshops and provides in-school support in literacy in both New Zealand and internationally.
  4. Her love of literacy led to the publication of a number of books including Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies (2009) and The Writing Book (with Louise Dempsey), (2013).
What is Sheena Cameron reading right now?

As part of the 2015 Love Learning Conference, Sheena will be presenting three workshops based upon her area of expertise – literacy.

Click here to learn more about the workshops Sheena will be facilitating.

To find out more about Sheena head to her website by clicking here.