Jonathan Butcher

Jonathan Butcher is empowering students in learning.

Motivation and engagement come highly valued in my learning environments. I aim to create learning experiences that are designed to meet the interests and needs of my students. I’m reflective and innovative and therefore always striving to further enhance my learning environments. I believe Mathletics supports me as a teacher, in flipping the classroom and using time at school for inquiry based learning.

Mathletics helps me empower the student, to support them in becoming self-directed learners. It provides clear goals and unambiguous feedback to both my students and myself. Not only does it provide focused practise and a tool for reference, but gathers assessment data to inform planning. Simply put, it helps them understand themselves as mathematicians and communicates their needs to those who support.

I am keen to be part of the Mathletics community to share best practice and contribute to discussions about its future. Becoming a Mathletics Lead Educator allows me to support others and to be part of this essential learning environment, to promote lifelong learning.

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