Shafia Ajmal is Year 4 form teacher and Numeracy coordinator of Senior Primary at Minaret College, Springvale Campus in Victoria.  Her driving passion in education is to create independent learners.

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Shafia Ajmal, Minaret College, Springvale Campus, Victoria

Using iPads at her school, Shafia sets tasks for differentiated learning groups to complete in class.  She also creates QR codes providing them to students to complete their tasks independently.  She finds that setting Mathletics tasks as homework every fortnight, serves as a reinforement of the topics that her students are learning in class.

I found a lot of improvement in my lower ability students…completing all tasks on time…and are better able to understand the concepts. One of the parents informed me that their child loves to do tasks on Mathletics from home so much, they bought her her own iPad.

Incorporating Rainforest Maths, either as an interactive whiteboard activity or a warm up activity, proves particularly engaging for students. Shafia integrates related eBooks, especially problem solving tasks, into her lesson where appropriate too.

Practising new research-based teaching pedagogies and implementing these in her teaching, is an important focus.  Shafia discussed her experiences in her article Real- life mathematics experience in primary- Prime Numbers- Volume 28- Number 1 (2013), The Mathematical Association of Victoria journal.

Student acknowledgement is vital to their success at Minaret College, and teachers regularly print Mathletics certificates for high achieving students, presenting them in year level assemblies.