Mathletics Lead Educator Certification

Cas PorterRecently awarded Mathletics Lead Educator status, Cas Porter shares how she can provide targeted and effective support for her students at Specialist Schools in Victoria.

Targeting needs  “I use results data from students in my own class to plan for maths lessons. I can target tasks to suit the current topic and ascertain needs through observations and data collection. I also find it beneficial to observe students working through the use of the LanSchool teacher console which allows me to observe the students from my own computer without encroaching on their personal space which can sometimes have adverse reactions from students with disabilities making them more self conscious and work less independently.”

Student recognition and parental involvement  “We have previously recognized Mathletics achievements through the award system at assemblies. This year without assemblies some students have made a folder of their awards at home. Parents are always impressed when their child receives an award and I validate the awards through recognition in the classroom and bringing the awards to the attention of the parents and other school members.”

“With the parents in my classroom I make a point of sharing children’s work and achievements regularly. I encourage parent participation through sending home the children’s log in and password at the beginning of each year to enable the parents to observe and assist their children at home. Where difficulties arise I encourage the children to ask for assistance both at home as well as at school.”

Leading in learning    “I am always researching and looking for ways in which to differentiate my own learning programs, engagement for me is an essential part of behaviour management and thus keeping abreast of new innovations is imperative.  I am currently studying towards my special education qualifications and often hear of new innovations from other teaching colleagues whilst visiting the city for my lectures.”

Congratulations Cas!  Find out how you can achieve certification with the Mathletics Lead Educator Program.