The ability to read is one of the most valuable life skills any young child can develop, and is especially rewarding for the parents and teachers who help guide children as they learn.

Encouraging young students to read with their parents, grandparents or siblings not only improves their confidence, but allows their listener to understand their comprehension of different types of texts.

The NSW Department of Education and Training has some helpful hints on listening to your students read. Along with support at home, these help form part of an effective teaching strategy:

  • Before reading, talk about the cover, the title, the pictures, and discuss what the book may be about.
  • During reading, discuss what has been read up to that point, and imagine what will happen next.
  • After reading is finished, talk and ask questions about the story and the pictures.

The Reading Eggs library, available on the iPad, is a great tool to encourage students to read at home on a mobile device. The interactive pages, bright colors, large font and end of book quiz can effortlessly nurture your students reading ability in an engaging and fun way.

To view eBooks on your iPad simply follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to on the iPad and click ‘enter’ on ‘The Library’ button.
  • Change the reading age to reflect the students reading age ability.
  • Browse a topic that the child would like to read, and once chosen, have them read the book out loud to you.

To start reading over 1,000 e-books and over 150 Big Books log into and immerse your students in the joy of reading.

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