Caroline Brades profile picWA Mathletics Lead Educator Caroline Brades from Cottlesloe PS, Peppermint Grove

Caroline Brades has been teaching for over 20 years, currently with Year 4/5 as classroom teacher at Cottlesloe PS but previously as a deputy principal.    She leads curriculum differentiation and change throughout her school.

Caroline’s interest in Certification came through her love of Mathletics and the opportunity to take on a lead role in her school.  Seeing children engaged and developing a ‘’love for learning’’ is what inspires her, together with a strong interest to integrate technology in the classroom.

Caroline looks for classroom maths resources that are engaging and can be tailored to individual student levels and needs, particularly where she can schedule assessments and set tasks to complement and support her classroom teaching.  Her students are looking for interactivity and immediate feedback.

As the school’s facilitator she provides professional development to new teachers and student teachers.  At the beginning of the year, and at the end of each semester, her colleagues are encouraged to assess their students using online tests.  Caroline then accesses assessment results regularly throughout the year to assess overall student achievement, using this data to set future goals and develop programs.

I regularly schedule assessments to test whether the students have learnt the content and whether remediation, extension or further teaching is required. I used both the online and printable NAPLAN assessments prior to this year’s NAPLAN tests to get the children familiar with the tests and identify areas of weakness.

In Caroline’s classroom, students use their iPads during Maths rotations, during computer lab work and for homework. Concepts are often introduced using Mathletics on the interactive whiteboard, before using the problem solving booklets to teach strategies and consolidate learning.   Also, being the IT coordinator, she makes it easy for students and teachers alike by creating Mathletics short-cuts onto the school iPads.

Caroline’s students are grouped according to their academic level and work both individually and in small groups. Peer tutoring enables more capable students to assist less capable ones by using language that they can understand and in a safe and supportive environment.

Together with her students, Caroline looks forward to participate in World Maths Day, as part of the World Education Games.

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