Mathletics at St James Primary School 

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Students at St James Primary School in Victoria, Australia have found another way to use Mathletics in the classroom. The students in Grade 3/4 have worked very hard at improving their skills in mathematics this year.  Part of this has been the consistent use of the Mathletics programme.  The students have worked diligently to improve their scores both in Live and in Activities. Nearly all students have achieved a Gold Certificate this year.  So, what is their secret weapon?

Believe it or not, it is the local bus service!  Many of the students catch the bus to school.  These buses arrive very early, at least half an hour before normal school start.  The students have the opportunity to use Mathletics at this time (instead of standing out in the cold and damp!) and our Resource Room is always full of students working hard on Activities or competing against students across the world in a Live challenge. Teachers are always at hand to lend support. Now other students are also coming to school early to enjoy the experience.

In the last half of the year, the students have also had the experience of 1:1 iPad access.  This has also been of a benefit as students can access Mathletics apart from normal computer classes.

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