We love to hear from our teachers, especially when they take the time to let us know about their experiences with Mathletics.  In particular we wanted to share this from one of our veteran teachers who has only just had the chance to use Mathletics, it has some great advice:

“Your program is brilliant, by the way! I think I’m addicted now. I keep checking my students’ results and setting them tasks to do, and then analysing what I need to work with them on next. The students also seem quite amazed that I have “tweeked” their area when we’re not at school. It’s like I’ve visited them without them knowing.

I love the whole concept of Mathletics. I am a little disappointed I’ll be retiring in July, just when I’ve found something incredibly useful. With my 35 years teaching experience, it ticks all the boxes for me as an educational tool!”

A big thanks to Sylvia of Oakleigh South Primary school in Australia for taking the time to think of sending us that great feedback.