Mathletics Teachers Keep Coming up with Great Ideas on Certification!

When we asked Mathletics teachers to tell us how they would share Mathletics Teacher Certification with their colleagues, they just keep on giving!   Some ideas involve careful planning and follow up and others involve humour but whatever works in your school!  Thank you to all teachers for their generosity in sharing their ideas with the Mathletics community.  Got any questions? Email

  • I would introduce Teacher Certification during our staff meetings as part of the school’s technology committee. Either in limerick form or a song, but possibly just speaking normally.
  • This would be in a two-step process. I would first of all instruct all year level coordinators and subject coordinators within our Maths Faculty to become at least Level 2 Certified (by the end of the year).  The second phase is then these teachers using the common “teach the teacher” method to help all other Maths teachers to achieve their Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications over a six month period (first semester of 2015).  Encourage and acknowledgement at staff meetings and within our own Faculty will coincide with achievements, and with everyone then at Level 2 Certification, we can ensure we are all working effectively.  I would then select a small group of teachers to work towards attaining their Mathletics Lead Educator certification.  I would expect that these teachers be acknowledged on awards night after achieving this level.
  • Screencast a video of myself using the new Mathletics features, with a message at the end to the effect of “If you want to be able to do these things, sign on to complete Mathletics Teacher Certification!” Then follow up with staff PD/presentation
  • The best way to introduce Teacher Certification is by demonstration of Mathletics features. Mathletics has come a long way and it now has features that are essential for the learning style of students we have today.
  • Discuss what a great reflective tool this process is.
  • I will tell the Mathletics coordinator of the school about this and make all the staff members aware of this.
  • I will encourage them in conversation at school and during staff meetings. I will also put it on our Moodle page.
  • Through encouraging my colleagues to incorporate Mathletics in their classrooms I would then guide them through the steps of how to create individual or group programs. Once this is done, I would show them the certification checklist and encourage them to use this as an extra means to gain credit points for TQI. Easy.
  • Share completion myself. Send emails.  Promote with flyers around the staffroom.  Put message into staff bulletin.
  • Visit the teacher guides – view the tutorials on results, assessments, reports – sign up for a webinar.
  • I would introduce Teacher Certification as part of the pupil free days at the start of the new year. This way the program would be embedded in school from the start as part of the teacher professional development.
  • I’d put the challenge back on my senior primary school students – who can ‘certify’ the most teachers and get them signed up. The student who gets the most teachers certified, wins!   

Did you know Mathletics Teachers Have the Best Ideas?