Mathletics Certification – teachers spread the word

When we asked Mathletics teachers to tell us how they would let their colleagues know about Mathletics Teacher Certification, boy they didn’t disappoint!   The creativity and willingness to collaborate stands out.  Check out some of their ideas and find the ones that inspire you… or share your own ideas in the comments.  To find out more about Certification please email

  • Like my teaching, I would lead by example. They already know the benefits of Mathletics, but highlight to them the benefits to them, their students and the school of becoming a Mathletics Lead Educator.
  • I would introduce this through the use of our interactive whiteboards in our weekly staff/pd meetings.
  • We hold ICT club for staff and we will promote here and in our weekly ICT newsletter.
  • I would explain that I have completed the certification process and encourage them to join in as it is a good selling point for our school and allows us to endorse Mathletics as more than just a “free time” activity or homework.
  • As we work independently I have created a group share email account and I will share my tips and tricks with the other teachers.
  • A morning “techie brekkie” hosted at the school for all staff to come in and learn about the options with Mathletics.
  • Our school holds regular phase meetings where teachers share ideas and discuss learning strategies. This forum would be ideal to explore this aspect of Mathletics.
  • Provide a PD session at school where you can support the staff as they complete the online assessment. Make sure lollies are on hand.
  • I would introduce the Teacher Certification to colleagues by explaining the concept to them as most would have never heard of it. Some teachers are doing most of these things already so they can earn hours towards PD.
  • Cafe workshops seem to be a great way to introduce learning areas to staff
  • Having teacher certification means that you use Mathletics to improve student learning an outcomes. NO more photocopying or wasting time marking work which then needs to be analysed. Just log on and see your student’s strengths and weaknesses in a glance. Small groups are easy with the teacher demonstration view and your extension groups can also use the eBooks.

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