Bringing your classroom into the 21st century with Mathletics.

students-using-computersMathletics was built by teachers for teachers, so there are plenty of ways to make life easier at the chalkface. Our close relationship with our teachers means we also receive plenty of excellent feedback, which enables the continual development and improvement of the Mathletics interface and experience.

One clever element of functionality for the Mathletics Teacher, is the ability to export a class/group of students (including their usernames and passwords) to an Excel-compatible spreadsheet. This means that the class group can be managed both online and offline.  This also means that students’ login credentials can be saved, making them available to you at any time.

Forgetting passwords is an all too common problem for students. Fortunately the “I forgot my password” get-out-of-schoolwork technique doesn’t apply in a Mathletics classroom!  This is in fact one of the many classroom management challenges in the 21st century: not only do kids need to remember their books, bags, lunches and sun hats, they also have a host of digital information to keep in their heads – from mum’s mobile number to the PIN for her smartphone to play with her online apps!

Mathletics has this covered so you can run your class effectively, and avoid password administration disruptions in class.  It allows you to focus on the task at hand: effective teaching and learning.

To add new students to the class/group, you simply add them to the spreadsheet and upload it back to your Mathletics database in the Teacher Console. Once uploaded, you can tailor classes into ability and achievement groups and move students between these groups as they improve their skills and knowledge.