Lead Education ProgramWe are very excited to launch the Mathletics Certification Pathway for 2014!   Whether you are a teacher new to Mathletics, are returning with your class or are leading Mathletics in your school, the Certification Pathway provides the opportunity for professional development around Mathletics.

“Great idea! This makes sure that all aspects of the Mathletics program
are utilised to reinforce learning in the classroom.”  Teacher, QLD

Certification offers Teachers a scaffold for learning across Mathletics that is targeted and supportive.  Accessing Certification is easy through your teacher console so you can be supporting your students and earning PD hours at the same time!  You become part of our Mathletics community where you can adopt and share best practice and if you like, connect with other teachers, 3P Learning and our broader community!

Certification Program
Get the most out of Mathletics for your students this year by downloading your Certification Getting Started pack now to access super tips and ideas for Mathletics success within your class and earn PD hours whilst you’re at it!   You can read about what some of our Mathletics Certified Teachers are doing here or contact us to find out more about the program!

Find out more about Mathletics Teacher Certification here