Mathletics get students in a spin

Pedal power – numeracy develops cycling skills

Classes at Coomera Springs State School on the Gold Coast, Queensland have launched their own Mathletics Challenge.  The event is run over two weeks, where all students are challenged to achieve 1000 points each week. Students are motivated by the exciting prize of winning a private cycling skills session – what a great idea! 

Coomera Springs has effectively balanced learning, competition and recreation to motivate their students. The cycling skills lessons also provide a great source of inspiration for maths lessons!

Consider this … teachers can incorporate the fundamentals of cycling to develop problem solving questions for their students. Whether it be measuring how different wheel sizes impact upon speed or finding the classes average speed over a specific distance – students can apply their mathematical knowledge to their own practical experience, truly bringing maths to life!

Tell us how you would take this concept and incorporate it into your maths lesson?

We love how Coomera Springs has involved the broader community to support their numeracy goals.  Check out their Facebook page for more ideas on how this Mathletics Lead Educator School inspires and supports their students.

Find out more about becoming certified through the Mathletics Lead Educator program here.