Our global army of student ambassadors from the World Education Games continue to stay in touch with the news from their countries along with their thoughts about the event and 3P Learning’s learning resources. One such student is Anna from Moscow. She recently wrote an open letter to all students around the world about Mathletics, the power behind World Maths Day…


We all know that the best recipe for successfully engaging school children in a subject, any subject, as every great teacher knows, is FUN!

When you bring fun into a subject, it immediately becomes comprehensible. This is not only true for young children with short attention span, but even more so for abstract subjects like Maths. What could be better than starting young school children on the right track right from the beginning!

Mathletics Fun Score Factor: 10/10


Early successful grasp on any subject, but especially Maths, relies on building a good foundation. We know that in order to solve hard mathematical problems, one has to have full command and fluency in the basic concepts like quick addition, subtractions, multiplication and division tables, because without that thoughts are interrupted and lost while calculating the trivial parts even before reaching the hard part of the mathematical problem!

Mathletics Foundation Score: 10/10


Goals! Setting goals, scoring goals and maintaining goals is what every student, teacher, parent and school love to see, assess and measure, and preferably in real time, not months or sometimes years after deficiencies had been brewing up.

Mathletics Live Assessment Score: 10/10

As you can see, Mathletics gets a perfect score, so why not try it yourself?

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Anna A

Moscow, Russia.